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Welcome to Children with Cancer a non profit charity website.
I have set up this site to raise much needed funds for Childrens Cancer Research.
When I first started the site, it only consisted of my songs,  but I realised that the site
needed  more than  my songs.  
 I would be the first to say  that although my music was  selling, my songs were not enough, so I decided to put feelers out in the music world and asked for help in the way of song donations.
I  am  very pleased to see the response  and support  that I have been  getting.
I now hope that I can get fans and music listeners alike to come to the site , purchase and download a song and be able to raise much needed funds to try and help eradicate these horrible illnesses.
All the songs on the charity are priced at 60p.
Of this 38p goes to Childrens Cancer Research after the deduction by PayPal.
The link below is to the page I have set up to fund Childrens Cancer Research.

I would like to thank you for your coming to the site and looking to see how the charity works.
We also have albums which have been donated by artists.
So please visit our artists who have donated their songs for this great cause.
Listen to their songs and please, please buy a song or two.
Between us we can do so much towards helping Childrens Cancer.
Thank you.


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